Precision Rifle Brass Preparation

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Full processing includes trimming, decapping, swaging (if necessary to remove crimp in military brass), wet washing & drying, annealing, resizing, polishing in dry media trimming to length, chamfering and deburing case mouths, priming, and setting final neck tension (mandrels and bushings of choice).

Please enter processing details, specifications, or special requests in the comments.

Pricing: a $25 fee will be added per individual batch to separately process at the time of return shipping.

Shipping: Shipping will be calculated precisely at return time. USPS flat rate boxes are usually preferred:

- Large Flat Rate Box ($25) can hold 1200 cases of .308 and 2400 cases of .223

- Medium Flat Rate Box ($16) can hold 700 cases of .308 and 1400 cases of .223

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