At Vantage, "Trust your ammo" is more than a statement about performance expectations. It is a creed that infuses our business model, product development, supply chain, production standards, and now our product availability. As a shooter, there is one thing we hate: looking for our favorite case of ammo, only to find that it is out of stock or that the price has changed, and having to re-zero after switching brands or lot numbers. The Vantage Reloading Ammunition Subscription is designed to provide you with trust in your ammo - not just in performance, but also in priority availability. We ship to subscription customers first, then we stock the web-store monthly, limited by our production capacity and available materials after subscriptions have been fulfilled.
You can skip or cancel any time, and even switch firearm models as we still make everything to order. You will also get our lowest-price guarantee. If we ever have a price reduction or a sale in our store, we will proactively match that price on your subscription.
If you are interested in this service, let us know. The following information will be beneficial of us to get you started:
Monthly ammo quantity (400-5000ct): 1000ct is typical
Duration (in months, 6, 12, 18, 24): 12 months is typical
Product: Example - 9mm PCC 124gr JHP
Firearm: Example -  SIG MPX 13.5"
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
If you have any additional questions beyond this FAQ, feel free to reach out to or use the contact form on our website.
Getting Started
Q: How often do you ship?
A: We ship monthly per our production schedule. Our ship dates for pistol ammo are as follows:
8th of the month: 9mm Minor
15th of the month 9mm PCC
22nd of the month: 9mm Major
Q: How many rounds can I have delivered per month?
A: Minimum: One box per month. Maximum: There is no real limit. Minimum box sizes are:
Pistol (i.e 9mm): 200ct
Small rifle (i.e 223): 100ct
Medium rifle (i.e 308): 50ct
Q: What is the minimum subscription to get started?
A: Minimum of 6 deliveries. You can also opt for 12, 18, and 24 deliveries.
Q: When and how much will my card be charged?
A: As we ship monthly, we will charge your card on the first of the month. Since all of the ammo is made to order, the components used to fulfill your order are allocated at the time your card is charged. You will receive a notification of this, and of when your ammo ships.
Q: Do I need to make an up-front commitment?
A: No. You simply place your first order, then expect the subscription to kick in monthly.
Q: How many subscriptions are available?
A: We're limiting the number of supported customers to ensure we can match our commitment with availability. We will only accept a subscription when we can back it up with physical components in inventory at least a few months out.
Advanced Questions
Q: What if the price of components changes?
A: Your price for the duration of the subscription is locked in. You're protected from price fluctuations.
Q: What if component prices come back down and you reduce your prices of loaded ammo?
A: We guarantee that you will always have the lowest price available in our store. If our store price is reduced below your subscription, we will proactively reduce the amount on your subscription. Additionally, in the event of a sale, we will credit your next ammo subscription to match it.
Q: Can I still bring my own components?
A: Absolutely. Bring your components at your convenience and we will credit them towards your next shipment.
Q: Can I share my allocation with a friend?
A: Absolutely! The account will remain in a single name and we will ship to a single address, but you're free to share with friend as you wish.
Q: What if I buy a new firearm and need a different recipe?
A: Congratulations! Just let us know 2 weeks before your next shipment and we can adjust the recipe.
Subscription Management 
Q: What if I don't need ammo this month. Can I skip a shipment?
A: Absolutely. You can skip a delivery up to the day before your card is charged.
Q: Can I ask you to hold onto a shipment and combine with the next one?
A: Of course. We can hold on to your order and combine it with others.
Q: Can I cancel my subscription? What happens if I do?
A: Absolutely. You will stop receiving ammo, and we will provide a notification that we've received your cancellation and that your payment data has been purged. You will also be disappointed in your decision.
Q: Can you deliver to matches instead of to my home?
A: Of course. We will publish our match schedule and you can opt for us to deliver locally to save on shipping.
Q: How early can I lock in my next term?
A: Any time. We will remind you 2 months, 1 month, and at your last delivery so that you can continue uninterrupted.
Q: What if I’m dissatisfied?
A: If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will make it right, including a full refund if needed.