MDT ACC Elite Rear Bag Rider (Carbon)

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The rear bag rider upgrades precision rifles with an interface to enable a securely supported position from the rear bag, assisting in acquiring initial sight picture and providing predictable recoil impulse. Our bag rider is extruded from carbon fiber reinforced nylon and can withstand temperatures of upwards of 350*F. Light-weight at approximately 1oz, it won't change the balance point of your rifle. Attaches to the M-LOK interface on the bottom of the MDT ACC Elite buttstock.

Features & Design Philosophy

  • Precision matched to the MDT ACC ELITE buttstock, the bag rider fits with zero flex, and is the optimal length to avoid contention with the fore grip.
  • Bag riders should be flat, and this is no exeption. Elevation changes should be adjusted by the rear bag, not the forward and rearward position of the stock on the bag.
  • A taper in the rider provides ample surface area with the bag, but also provides better contact when using a tripod rear support.
  • The height of the rider allows the shooter to get low on top of a schmedium, pint size, or medium game changer with a comfortable natural point of aim.



  • Compatible with the MDT ACC Elite Buttstock using the bottom M-LOK mounting interface.
  • Optimal 5” long surface to better interact with a variety of bags and minimize space contention with the grip
  • Flat-plane design aids in establishing a supported position and to provide predictable recoil for a reliable second sight picture.
  • Beveled edges eliminate snagging on bags and other gear
  • Tapered side profile to enhance stability when leveraging a tripod rear support.
  • No rear overhang to interfere with LOP or buttpad adjustments
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced Nylon construction
  • Temperature resistant up to 350*F without warping
  • Weight: 1oz



Exclusively for use with the ACC Premier. Not compatible with other MDT buttstocks.

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