Vantage Reloading is now Vantage Research


A lot of you have been on this journey with us for years as "Vantage Reloading". Our business continues to evolve, but our focus is now more clear than ever: Delivering unrelenting, innovative quality in competition ammunition that you can trust to perform. We're committed to providing research-driven insight into reloading and best practices, and top-performing ammunition designs in our factory offings. We believe in the moniker, "Trust your ammo" so much that we've updated our domain name to match. All traffic from our other website will continue to redirect you here while we finish the brand transition. Thank you for being on this journey with us; we are here for you to trust your ammo.


We also used this time to update a lot of our systems to support the next phase of growth as a company:

  • New subscription offerings for regular ammunition delivery. Self-service portal is currently in the works
  • New products geared toward winning USPSA and NRL Hunter matches
  • New E-Commerce website on a 2A-Friendly platform to avoid the risk of sudden website shut-down
  • New inventory management system with a digital twin of our production facility to answer in-stock questions in real time
  • New production facility with on-site range for rapid, iterative product testing and development

We are excited to continue to innovate together.