6mm Creedmoor 115gr RDF (50ct)

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Hand-loaded and designed for uncompromising accuracy in specific firearm models. Enjoy the benefits of hand-loading without the time or hassle. These are loaded in new Peterson LRP cases, with powder trickled to a 0.02gr variance on precision balance scales.

Select your firearm from the drop-down menu to order custom designed ammunition for optimal performance and accuracy. Don't see your firearm listed? Select the "Non-Firearm Specific, Factory Spec" option.

Enjoy this versatile load for any shooting discipline related to competition, hunting, training, or tactical applications.

Ammo is bulk packaged in boxes of 50.

Ammo is made to order with a unique recipe tailored to the firearm model you choose. You can find the specs here for each unique load that we offer.

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 Firearm Muzzle Velocity Power Factor
- Non-Firearm Specific, Factory Spec - 2850 328
Patriot Valley Arms (PVA) 26" Osprey Prefit 2852 328
Proof Research 26" Prefit 2802 322
Savage 26" 2860 329


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